Process Church of The Fucking Awesomeness

by on Jun.23, 2009, under Esoterrorism

Interview with Timothy Wyllie, one of the founders of the Process Church of the Final Judgment.

In high school my friend Brian borrowed my copy of Apocalypse Culture, the classic end of the world bible from Feral House. His father found it, freaked out and tossed it. So instead of going out and picking up another copy of it he gave me a copy of The Family by Ed Sanders, one of the original ones with The Process chapter. The Family is mostly about Charles Manson and, well, his “family”, but I found the chapters about The Process and the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. way more interesting, so interesting that I named my first band The Process Sound of the Final Judgment. Something about them really struck a chord with me. Other than that chapter info on the cult was hard to come by, you would find info here and there. Eventually the internet came around and a bit more information would come out occasionally, for example former members of the Process founded the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Who woulda thought?

So today I came across Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of the Process Church of the Final Judgment. Love Sex Fear Death — written by original Process Church member Timothy Wyllie — is the first book to provide the astonishing inside story of this fascinating group and the mysterious woman at its center. I have been waiting for this book for almost 20 years. And the publisher? Feral House, of course.

Process Church, Robert De Grimston, Feral House


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